Nina Cedergreen

Nina Cedergreen


The main research focus of Nina Cedergreen is the effects of chemicals on the environment with a focus on cocktail effects and interactions between chemicals and other stressors. These other stressors can be starvation, parasites, non-optimal climatic conditions etc. Some of the big research questions are: Can we predict synergistic interactions between chemicals? Or between chemicals and other stressors? And why does some chemicals seem to stimulate some responses rather than reduce them?

The problems are investigated experimentally in the research laboratory: and in collaboration with other research departments both nationally and internationally.

Nina Cedergreen teaches on the BSc course “Environmental Chemistry in Biological Systems”, and is course responsible for the two MSc courses “Toxicology & Ecotoxicology” and “Pesticide use, Mode of Action and Ecotoxicology” and the PhD course “Dynamic Modelling of Toxic Effects. She has supervised >100 BSc and MSc students and >20 PhD and Postdocs.

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