Torben Toldam-Andersen

Torben Toldam-Andersen

Associate Professor

Before I started my university studies at The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen in 1986 I was trained as an open air horticulturist with focus on fruit and berry production as well as vegetables. I finished my MSc in Horticultural Sciences in 1991 with a thesis on dormancy models for prediction of flowering in trees and distribution of allergenic pollen. Based on a PhD scholarship from the university I initiated my scientific career in Pomology under supervision of Professor Poul Hansen. The PhD thesis entitled 'Physiological aspects of internal competition and seasonal changes in fruit composition - with special reference to black currant (Ribes nigrum)' was defended in the spring 1995. Then a postdoc period funded by the Danish Research Council followed at the University in Bonn by professor F. Lenz at the 'Institute für Obst und Gemüsebau'. The research focus was on the carbon balance of fruits. By the end of 1996 professor Poul Hansen retired and I returned to Copenhagen where I took over as scientific responsible for the Pometum in Taastrup and the research and teaching in fruit science/Pomology.

My research has over the years had focus within five areas: A) Carbon physiology and fruit development and fruit quality with emphasis on changes in sugars, organic acids, colour and aroma. B) Flowering physiology in sour cherry. C) Fruit quality with focus on development and quality for use especially juice quality and processing. D) Pomological genetic resources, their preservation and evaluation including cryopreservation of dormant buds. E) Grape wine growing and vinification of wine and fruit wines.

My teaching is primarily on the courses I am course responsible of e.g. ‘Fruit and Berry Crop Physiology and Quality’, which is in the autumn teaching block 1, and ‘Cool Climate Viticulture and Enology’, which is in the spring teaching block 4. In addition, I supervise a number of master and bachelor students making their thesis in my lab.

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