PhD programme – Institut for Plante- og Miljøvidenskab - Københavns Universitet

PhD student at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences

To become a PhD student at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, you must apply for a PhD scholarship. All vacancies are announced at the Job Portal at University of Copenhagen. For more information about requirements, view the website for potential PhD students at Faculty of Science.

Currently 180 PhD student are enrolled at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. They are integrated in the research groups within the sections and centres of the department.

PhD courses

Courses offered by University of Copenhagen are listed at PhD students at University of Copenhagen also have the opportunity to take a subject-specific course at another Danish university. Find courses at PhD Courses in Denmark.

PhD coordinators

Jesper Rasmussen, Section for Crop Sciences

Hans Thordal-Christensen, Section for Plant and Soil Science

Jørgen Eilenberg, Section for Organismal Biology and Section for Microbial Ecology and Biotechnology

David B. Collinge, The academic areas of Plant Glycobiology, Plant Pathology and Plant Anatomy and Physiology
Barbara Ann Halkier, The academic areas of Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Plant Biology
Peter Engelund Holm, Section for Environmental Chemistry and Physics
 Thomas Günther-Pomorski, Section for Transport Biology