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Fernando Geu-Flores

Fernando Geu-Flores



Young and multidisciplinary researcher investigating the production of bioactive compounds in plants


Plants are the world's greenest chemists and provide humanity with a wide range of medicinal compounds and industrially relevant molecules. Unfortunately, many of these valuable chemicals occur in small amounts or in complex mixtures, which precludes their efficient utilization. I investigate various aspects of plant specialized metabolism, focusing on how these chemicals are made and moved around within their host plants. Apart from generating basic scientific knowledge, I am committed to using our findings to solve pressing problems in agriculture, chemistry, and medicine.

Previous positions

Post-doctoral researcher, John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK, 2011-2014)

Post-doctoral fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA, 2010-2011)

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Copenhagen (Frederiksberg, Denmark, 2008-2010)

Academic degrees

PhD degree in Plant Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology (Frederiksberg, Denmark, 2008)

Licenciatura degree in Chemistry, PUCP University, Chemistry Department (Lima, Peru, 2004)

Bachelor degree in Science, PUCP University, Faculty of Sciences and Engineering (Lima, Peru, 2003)

ID: 37992063