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Thure Pavlo Hauser

Thure Pavlo Hauser

Associate Professor


I am teaching courses in basic ecology, advanced plant ecology, vegetation ecology, genetic resources and others

If you are interested in doing a student project with me, either as BSc, MSc or PhD, you can find suggestions for projects here: Student projects

Primary fields of research

I have a PhD in evolutionary biology, population genetics and ecology. In my research, I have primarily focused on

  • evolution of plants defenses against insect herbivores and pathogens
  • hybridisation between plant species or ecotypes, and its role in evolution. The main focus here has been hybridisation between cultivated plants and their wild relatives, its influence on the possible spread of transgenes from genetically modified crops, and its role in evolution of genetic resources
  • inbreeding depression in plants and its influence on evolution of mating system and conservation of small isolated plant populations

I am involved in

I have been involved in the following projects recently

  • A cross disciplinary project on interactions between the crucifer Barbarea vulgaris, flea beetles (Phyllotreta nemorum) and white rust (Albugo candida)

 For more information, see also http://nru.academia.edu/ThurePavloHauser

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