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Md Tariqul Islam Shajib

Md Tariqul Islam Shajib

Research Assistant

Working Title: Urban flooding and contaminants flushes- source, composition and fate analysis


Heavy rainfalls together with dramatic changes in land uses, ecosystems, and extent of sealed surfaces in urban regions cause floodings and water flushes with potential high loads of contaminants – both inorganic and organic, pathogens and particles. These flushes are expected to have strong health impact on both ecosystems and humans. The objective of the Ph.D. project is to investigate the chemical and microbial composition and the underlying biogeochemical processes taking place during such contaminant flushes.

Focusing on (1) sampling, sample processing and sampling strategy in relation to study area, (2) screening and chemical analysis, and (3) tracking of contaminant release, load, fate and sink during the flush process. The project involves sampling of contaminant flushes in different catchments and urban areas of China.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) of Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing, China. As a part of PhD research, I have been in Beijing in 2015 for a year for sampling, processing and analyzing of samples. 

ID: 101366669