Vlastimil Novák

Vlastimil Novák

PhD fellow

Since November 2016, I am a PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Section for Plant and Soil Science. The objective of my PhD project is to develop analytical methods for authenticity testing of high-value plant products. I focus on compound-specific isotope ratio analysis. Specifically, I investigate key factors controlling the oxygen isotopic composition of plant derived oxyanions and aim to utilize this as a novel tool for authentication of organically grown crops. My current expertise lies within chromatographic, multi-elemental, as well as stable isotope mass spectrometry analyses.

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Current research

  • Investigation of plant biological processes and their interaction with environmental factors affecting the isotope signature of plants.
  • Development and validation of novel analytical methods for stable isotope analyses of plant-based food products.  
  • Application of the developed methods in case-studies aimed at verifying the authenticity of plant products.

ID: 168197494