Elizabeth Heather Jakobsen Neilson

Elizabeth Heather Jakobsen Neilson

Assistant professor

Member of:

    Plant Ecophysiology Research Group

    The Plant Ecophysiology Research Group aims to understand the molecular regulation, integration and evolution of plant general and specialized pathways, providing fundamental knowledge for application to environmental, agricultural and biotechnological platforms. This is achieved by utilizing a full “omics” toolbox, combing phenomics, metabolomics, proteomics and transcriptomics.


    Scientific Highlights

    - Evolution, structure, function and application of plant FMOs, with a focus on environmental stress resistance

    - Role and regulation of specialized metabolism in Eucalyptus in response to biotic and abiotic stress using an integrated “omics” approach

    - Identification and characterization of pathway partners involved in plant general and specialized metabolism, with a focus on cytochromes P450 and flavin containing monooxygenases (FMOs)

    - Utilization of plant phenomics to visualize and improve drought tolerance and recovery in sorghum by redirection of nitrogen between specialized and general metabolism

    - Evolution of general and specialized metabolite pathways in ferns

    - Untargeted metabolomic approach to understand the detoxification of specialized metabolites by marsupials 


    Current Funding

    2022 – 2026 DFF Sapere Aude (FTP) “SuperYUCCA: YUCCA multifunctionality for improved crop resistance”

    2022 – 2024 DFF Project 1 (FNU; Inge Lehmann) “YUCCApro: Prevalence and Origin of YUCCA multifunctionality”

    2019 - 2024 Novo Nordisk Emerging Investigator "liftOFF! Optimizing plant FMOs for Future production"

    Previous Funding

    2016 - 2021 VILLUM Young Investigator “How does climate change impact plants and their herbivores?”

    2016 - 2021 Danish Council for Independent Research “Improved drought tolerance and recovery via redirection of nitrogen between specialized and general metabolism"

    2014-2015 Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Grant "Plant adaptation to a changing environment"
    2013-2019 VILLUM Research Center for Plant Plasticity (co-PI; Project Manager for two themes)
    2006-2008 Holsworth Wildlife Research Fund 



    Current Group Members

    Cecilie Cetti Hansen, Postdoc

    Joachim Møller Christensen, PhD

    Ingvild Ryde, PhD (University of Iceland)

    Delphine Pottier, Research Assistant

    Augustin Baussay, ERASMUS Visiting MSc 

    Former Group Members

    Gunbileg Disan, Postdoc
    Mette Sørensen, PhD
    Sara Thodberg, PhD
    Bruna Marques dos Santos, PhD

    Amalie Bendtsen, MSc/Research Assistant

    Xinxing Xia, PhD

    Juliane Zibrandtsen, MSc
    Thiago Veiga, Visiting research from Fedral University of Sao Paulo
    Anne Jeppesen, MSc


    Collaborating Partners

    Prof Liz Gillam, University of Queensland

    Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction of plant FMOs

    Prof Ian Godwin, University of Queensland
    Cereal biotechnology and gene editing

    Prof Pablo Sobrado, Virginia Tech

    FMO structure and function

    Assoc. Prof Mattias Thelander, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

    YUCCA functionality in moss

    Prof Riikka Rinnan, University of Copenhagen
    VOC emission and specialized metabolism in trees
    Prof Ros Gleadow, Monash University 
    Regulation of growth and chemical defense in response to abiotic stress in Sorghum
    Prof Philip Hugenholtz, University of Queensland
    Specialized metabolite detoxification by marsupials: animal, microbe or both?
    Dr Ben Moore & Dr Paul Rymer, University of Western Sydney
    How does climate change impact wildlife systems? Eucalyptus and the koala

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