Søren Husted

Søren Husted


Søren Husted is an experienced professor with a demonstrated history of working in academic research. He is skilled in Plant Science, Plant Nutrients, Ecophysiology, Analytical Chemistry, and Research Management. His academic career started with a PhD in agronomy from Københavns Universitet / University of Copenhagen.

His research is focusing on the functional role of trace elements in plants, including physiological and biochemical studies of manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), iron (Fe) and copper (Cu) in plants and  agricultural crops. He has provided new fundamental knowledge to processes involved in acquisition of mineral elements from soil and on the functional role of mineral elements in metabolism. Currently his research group has a strong focus on integrating nanotechnology with plant science to fundamentally understand how nanoparticles interact with plant tissue and how we can utilize this knowledge to build the next generation of more efficient fertilizers. Concurrent with these activities, his research group has developed a range of new cutting-edge analytical techniques for mass-spectrometry-based analysis of mineral elements, their stable isotope ratios, chemical binding forms, and localization in tissue with cellular resolution.

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