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Sven-Erik Jacobsen

Sven-Erik Jacobsen

Associate Professor

I have twenty years experience in water management, stress physiology, agricultural development, crop science, under-utilized species and crop adaptation, and have longstanding working experience from South America.

I am a coordinator of an EU consortium (FP7) working on climate proof cropping systems ( SWUP-MED) and is finishing another EU project (FP6) as coordinator, regarding water saving strategies in Western Balkan ( WATERWEB).

I work with project management, development of precision irrigation technologies for optimizing water use in semi-arid and arid areas, and community development regarding the promotion of traditional crops and management systems, mainly in the developing world and in Europe. I have working experience from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala and Egypt. From 2002 I have been applied at University of Copenhagen, Department of Agriculture and Ecology, LIFE, KU (before KVL), Denmark, as Associate Professor,

Since 2002 I have been teaching and managing various projects, such as: • Competent Use of High Value Andean Crops ( ANDESCROP), Bolivia. DANIDA (2010-2013). Coordinator • Sustainable water use securing food production in dry areas of the Mediterranean region ( SWUP-MED) (2009-2012). EU FP7. The project, coordinated by me, has the strategic objective to improve food crop production in the Mediterranean region, influenced by multiple abiotic stresses. The project has nine partners, including LIFE. Coordinator • A Centre for Sustainable Crop-Water Management ( CROPWAT) 2007-2010. I am a member of the advisory committee of this EU project (Coordinated Action) coordinated by Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Serbia. • Safe and high quality food production using low quality waters and improved irrigation systems and management ( SAFIR) 2005-2009 • Danish quinoa: Production, processing and product development for feed and food. The Danish Food Industry Agency 2009-2010. • Quinoa - New organic crop in Denmark . Private funded agricultural research 2009. • Efficient weed control in quinoa, Seed tax fund 2009-2010 • Successful production of organic quinoa for feed and food, The Danish Food Industry Agency 2009-2010. • Organic Quinua in Bolivia (BIO QUINUA). Business to Business Project, DANIDA. • Water resource strategies and drought alleviation in Western Balkan agriculture ( WATERWEB) 2004-2008. EU FP6. The project, coordinated by me, had the strategic objectives of a) contributing to development in the Western Balkans by introducing strategic water management for drought alleviation and sustainable agricultural practices in the WB, and b) establishing and reinforcing research expertise in the WB in a range of technologies for water and crop management.

I am a responsible lecturer on Tropical Crop Production and a lecturer on Crop Science Also I am present Chair of European Society of Agronomy (ESA) Division 1, Crop Physiology and Management

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