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Søren Kjærsgaard Rasmussen

Søren Kjærsgaard Rasmussen


RESEARCH PROFILE: Molecular plant breeding is interdisciplinary research and development that combines molecular markers, genomics and biotechnology with classical breeding of crop plants in order to meet the demand to yield, quality and resources under changing climate conditions. My research is directed toward quality traits and natural products in plants, in particular cereals crops but also grasses, ornamentals and medicinal plants. Biomass and grain quality targeted by genome-wide association scan, GWAS, which opens for the possibility of discovering genes where pre-knowledge of the biosynthetic pathway is limited. New plant breeding technologies uses the site-directed mutagenes crispr/cas9 system for barley. Other forward and reverse genetic methods include TILLING and mutational breeding and genotyping plant genetic resources in barley, wheat and Brachypodium, carrots and pea are under constant development.

RESEARCH FACILITIES: ABI DNA Analyser (16 capillary) for SNP and SSR markers and TILLING , 2 LiCOR DNA Analyser for TILLING (identification of mutants in plant populations), BioSprint for 96 format DNA isolation from plant populations, and a number of PCR cyclers. For seed quality we are using an IQ seed sorter 1002, BoMill and for protein characterization and kinetic studies, AKTA Explore FPLC system. HPLC and colorimetric methods for inositol-phosphate identification and quantification are done routinely.

EDITORIAL: Associated editor at Frontiers in Plant Science, sections Plant Biotechnology and Crop Science and Horticulture. Reviewer for many international journals.

 RESEARCH PROJECT MANAGEMENT: PI for biology in subtheme bioenergy of the Sino-Danish Centre on sustainable energy, 2010-XX. Project leader in current research grants: Biomass for 21th century: integrated biorefining technologies for shipping fuels and biobased chemicals (B21st); A strategic centre for Genomic selection in animal and plant (GenSAP); COPRA: plant breeding for organic production (CORE-II, EU FP7; Developing plants for production of natural colours for food (PlantePigment) (GUDP); An integrated approach to evaluate and utilise genetic diversity for breeding climate-resilent barley (ClimBar) 2014-2017 a FACCE-ERA-NET+ on Climate Smart Agriculture plen.ku.dk/climbar

TEACHING: Currently responsible for the courses “From Plants to Bioenergy” (M. Sc.), “Plant Breeding “ (B. Sc.), “Plant Genomics” (B. Sc.) and a ELLS Master summer course on New Plant Breeding Technologies 2016. Coordinator of NOVA PhD course on Genomic Selection in Plant Breeding, 2016. Over the last 10 years supervised many Ph.D, M. Sc. and B. Sc. projects.

PUBLICATIONS: 80 peer-reviewed papers with h-index 30 (web-of science) and 32 (google scholar citations), 1 patent granted and numerous oral presentations at conferences.

SOCIETIES: Chairman of the Danish Cereal Society; Board member of Forum for Cerealier.

INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS: Organizer of the 33rd Nordic Cereal and Grain Congress, 2018.

Previous: Organizer of workshop: The Biochemistry of plant phytate and phytases, Copenhagen, October 25-28, 1997. Organizer of ‘Functional genomics of gametic embryogenesis’ in COST Action 851, May 27-28, 2005, Copenhagen. Organizer of the 30th Nordic CerealCongress, June 15-17, 2009, Copenhagen.

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