Kristine Groth Kirkensgaard

Kristine Groth Kirkensgaard

Project manager

Team Funding, Innovation & Strategy is responsible for project management of research projects, strategy and lobby, collaboration agreements and patents, and providing support on research applications and budgets.

As project manager, I am currently responsible of managing following research projects:

 My work areas include:

  • Development and amendment of contractual documents, budget, work plan etc.
  • Organising conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings
  • Assistance with reporting, presentations, agenda, minutes, etc.
  • Communication with partners and funding bodies
  • Development and management of project websites
  • Financial management (in collaboration with the finance team and UCPH EU-office)
  • Support with new initiatives and further external funding
  • Keeping track of deadlines,  milestones and deliverables
  • SPOC (single point of contact) regarding Climate-KIC at our department

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