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  • 3. juli 2017, kl. 13:00

    PhD defence by Aldo Ricardo Almeida Robles

    PhD defence with the title "Occurrence and biogenesis of seco-triterpenoids: A focus on the biosynthetic pathway of α-onocerin in Ononis spinosa" » Læs mere

  • 28. juli 2017, kl. 09:00-13:00

    Bærkonference for erhvervet

    Ny Bærkonferencen giver viden om bærenes diversitet, forskning på området, og hvorfor bær spiller en vigtig rolle i alt fra fødevareproduktion til medicin. » Læs mere

  • 28. juli 2017, kl. 13:00-17:00

    Bærfestival 2017

    On friday July 28 the Pometum open the doors for this years berry-festival with support from Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. » Læs mere

  • 19. august - 24. august 2017

    International Plant Nutrition Colloquium 2017

    Since its beginning in the early 1950’s, the IPNC has grown to become the most important international meeting on fundamental and applied plant nutrition. The main theme of the 18th International Plant Nutrition Colloquium is: "Plant Nutrition for Global Green Growth". » Læs mere

  • 21. august - 25. august 2017

    CPSC PhD course 21-25 August 2017

    Invitation to the the PhD summer course Synthetic Biology: From pro- to eukaryotic Systems (SYNBIOSYS) on 21-25 August 2017. » Læs mere

  • 21. august - 22. august 2017

    Workshop - Introduction to R

    The workshop is for PhD students and employees at SCIENCE and will provide an introduction to the statistical software R » Læs mere