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Sophie Konstanze Lambertz

Sophie Konstanze Lambertz


  • Molekylær Plantebiologi

    Thorvaldsensvej 40

    1871 Frederiksberg C

    Telefon: +45 35 33 64 18

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    My current research at DynaMo focuses on the transport of jasmonic acid and it’s derivatives by members of the NPF family. I express transport proteins and characterize their biophysical properties in the Xenopus laevis heterologous expression system. Their substrate specificity, transport kinetics and mechanism provide hints towards their physiological function. With the aim to understand in which aspect of plant life jasmonate transport is involved, I perform bioassays with focus on plant-herbivore and plant-plant interactions. By this I hope to explore how jasmonate movement determines the kinetics of it’s signaling.

    ID: 113274146