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Armando Asunción Salmeán

Armando Asunción Salmeán

Videnskabelig ass.

Currently I am developing my Ph.D. project at the Plant Cell Wall and Evolution group of Professor William G. T. Willats, where we use antibody and microarray high-throughput technology among others to study the structure, distribution, evolution, enzymatic degradation and application of polymers contained in the alga and plant cell walls. 

I have two main focuses:

1) Red and brown algal cell walls are complex and diverse. In principle, monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and carbohydrate binding modules (CBM) can be used for their analysis, as has been the case for land plants. However, there are very few mAb and CBM probes available with specificities against red and brown algal cell wall polymers. Therefore our goal is to obtain new antibodies to be probed against these macroalgae cell walls and systematically map their structures. These analysis could elucidate unknown evolution and structural diversity, as well as novel carbohydrate products with commercial application.

2) Duckweeds (Lemnaceae) are a group of ubiquitous aquatic plants, which live in eutrophic freshwaters and have the highest growth rate of angiosperms. They can reduce the levels of polluting nitrogen, phosphorous and heavy metals, and weight for weight, more ethanol than from corn can be obtained from them without competing with food resources. Duckweed biomass also has outstanding potential as animal feed since it possesses a nutrient value similar to soybean. However the cell wall compositions of duckweeds are poorly understood. Therefore we will characterize different species and ecotypes to elucidate cell wall composition and architecture and thus find the best candidates for the production of energy and biocomponents. We will use our high throughput microarray technology, which allows to process several hundreds of samples in a reduced time frame using low levels of reagents and materials. 

Regarding my education history I obtained my degree in Agriculture Engineering in the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and graduated of MSc Agronomy at the University of Copenhagen. I love both cities as muchs as I miss the sun in Danish winters and the fresh sea breeze in Spanish summers. I am passionate about knowledge, nature and people.

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