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Per Moestrup Jensen

Per Moestrup Jensen


Area of research: mammalian ectoparasitology and ecology of small mammals. The main focus is on tick borne zoonoses (Borreliosis, Tick Borne Encephalitis, Ehrlichiosis). In connection to this and as independent research also; studies of small mammal distribution as result of landscape parameters. National corporation: Cooperation includes major national research institutes and companies: National Environmental Research Institute, University of Århus, Odense University Hospital, Statens Serum Institut, Danish Veterinary Laboratory. International corporation: Cooperation includes several research groups in European Countries, which were included in the European Conserted Action on Lyme Borreliosis (EUCALB). A longer formalised cooperation with Russian scientist has been conducted as part of a joint Danish-Russian project has been followed up by a project on local monitoring of natrual resourcer in 5 developing countries.

Publications and Teaching

The scientific results are published as articles in international scientific journals or book chapters (25 published or accepted), as proceedings or abstracts (11) from scientific meetings, as published reports (4), or as national popular articles (12). Responsible for regular courses in ecology and wild life management. Supervisor of BSC students.

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