Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB) is a core facility center at the University of Copenhagen and offers an instrument park unique in Denmark. The CAB received support from the National Research Infrastructure Program and is linked to the European ESFRI project Euro-BioImaging.

CPSC is a new initiatíve at University of Copenhagen. CPSC is rooted in the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the Faculty of Science at Frederiksberg Campus

The aim of the center is to investigate how plants respond to challenges in their environment

DynaMo addresses biological questions using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and its primary defense compounds, glucosinolates, as a model system.The insights gained have potential societal benefits by opening up for unforeseen opportunities in e.g. synthetic biology, medicine and sustainable agriculture.

PUMPkin research investigates the structure and mechanism of membrane proteins of the P-type family.

Having pioneered synthetic biology as a major research focus in a European context, the Center today creates a framework for several major research initiatives