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Rosa Laura Lopez Marques
Associate professor
Ph: +45 35 33 26 02

Many cellular membranes present an asymmetric lipid distribution that is essential for cell survival. This asymmetry is generated by membrane transporters (flippases or P4 ATPases) at the expense of ATP.

Our interest is to unravel the mechanisms underlying the generation of lipid asymmetry and its connection to vesicle formation in the secretory pathway. For this, we apply a multisided approach to the characterization of the mechanism, regulation and physiological function of plant and yeast P4 ATPase flippases, using a broad range of molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics and Advanced Bioimaging techniques, based on homologous and heterologous expression systems.

Research themes

Current research projects

- LIFER: evaluating the use of lipids as phosphate-containing fertilizers (Funded by Villum Fonden)
- Finding a solution to the giant substrate problem: the mechanism of lipid translocation by P4-ATPase flippases
- Generation of a new heterologous overexpression platform for purification of lipid flippases for biochemical and biophysical studies
- Unraveling the physiological relevance of a plant lipid flippase during plant immune responses

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