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Growth and development

Plant growth and development is controlled by external factors and genetic factors, which are interlinked by classical plant hormones, such as auxin and cytokinine. In the model plant Arabidopsis we are studying the role of auxin transporters and interacting proteins in collaboration with Markus Geisler University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

In evolution trees have developed strategies to prepare next-years growth and form buds. With bud break the young internodes undergo expansion growth, controlled by as cytokinins, auxin and brassinosteroids.

To study the factors controlling elongation growth we use Abies nordmanniana, where bud development and stem elongation are separated in time.


Recent publications

  • Bailly A, Wang B, Zwiewka M, Pollmann S, Schenck D, Lüthen H, Schulz A, Friml J, Geisler M (2014) Expression of TWISTED DWARF1 lacking its in-plane membrane anchor leads to increased cell elongation and hypermorphic growth. The Plant Journal 77: 108-118
  • Wang BJ, Bailly A, Zwiewka M, Henrichs S, Azzarello E, Mancuso S, Maeshima M, Friml J, Schulz A, Geisler M (2013) Arabidopsis TWISTED DWARF1 Functionally Interacts with Auxin Exporter ABCB1 on the Root Plasma Membrane. Plant Cell 25: 202-214
  • Henrichs S, Wang B, Fukao Y, Zhu J, Charrier L, Bailly A, Oehring SC, Linnert M, Weiwad M, Endler A, Nanni P, Pollmann S, Mancuso S, Schulz A, Geisler M (2012) Regulation of ABCB1/PGP1-catalysed auxin transport by linker phosphorylation. Embo Journal 31: 2965-2980


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