Biomembranes – University of Copenhagen


A fundamental feature of eukaryotic cells is their compartmentalization into distinct organelles by biological membranes. Each membrane is composed of thousands of interacting lipids and proteins that are essential to basic processes from photosynthesis to the maintenance of electrochemical gradients across membranes. Many membrane proteins, including pumps and transporters, form multimeric complexes that can vary and adapt to the functional state of the cell.

We are interested in revealing organization, functioning and dynamics of membrane pumps and their complexes. To this end, we have developed a variety of biochemical, biophysical and microscopic techniques including the synthesis of specific lipid probes for characterizing membrane properties, protein-membrane interactions and lipid trafficking.

Detailed insight into the molecular functioning of membrane pumps will help to understand vital processes at cellular membranes and pave the way for applications within synthetic biology such as personal medicine, sustainable energy production, and molecular bioelectronics.