Long-term field sites and facilities

The CRUCIAL field experiment with urban organic waste derived fertilizer amendments was established in 2002 to study cycling of nutrients, heavy metals, xenobiotics (i.e. medicinal residues), micro-organisms as well as flow of genes. At present we have applied urban and agricultural wastes at varying dosage rates, corresponding to up to 130 years of accumulated normal/allowed dose. Effects on antibiotic multi-resistance, leaching of microbes and metals, on soil structure and tilth and on N and P availability are being assessed in current and recent PhD and postdoc projects.

See more here: The CRUCIAL-trial: Closing the rural-urban nutrient cycle - Long-term field site with urban fertilizers and organic amendments (Jakob Magid)

The Long-term Nutrient Depletion Trial was initiated 50 years ago, and comprises treatments with various levels of N, P and K fertiliser and manure, having produced different soil fertility levels, and great difference in crop productivity under nutrient limitations. Currently the differences in yield response to nutrient depleted soils are being analysed with respect to climatic parameters, nutrient balances and soil fertility indices in a PhD project. Both trials are also important workshop sites, utilised for a range of our research projects on new bio-based fertilisers, in collaboration with e.g. Novozymes Bioag and industry organisations like www.bgorj.dk.

See more here: The Long-term Nutrient Depletion Trial (Udpiningsmarken) (phd-stud. Frederik van der Bom, Lars Stoumann Jensen)