Advances in isotopic analysis for food authenticity testing

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Abstract Stable isotope analysis has been used for food authenticity testing for more than 30 years and is today being utilized on a routine basis for a wide variety of food commodities. During the past decade, major analytical method developments have been made and the fundamental understanding of fractionation processes resulting in isotopic signatures suitable for food authentication has improved. In combination with an increasing use of multivariate statistics, development of new reference materials, establishment of reference sample databases, and complementation with other analytical methods, food authenticity testing is currently developing even further. In this chapter, we aim to provide an overview of the latest developments in stable isotope analysis for food authenticity testing. As several review articles and book chapters have recently addressed this topic, we will primarily focus on relevant literature from the past 5 years. We will focus on well-established methods for food authenticity testing using stable isotopes but will also include recent methodological developments, new applications, and current and future challenges.
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