Phylogeny of Palms – University of Copenhagen

Phylogeny of Palms (Arecaceae)


The phylogeny of palms project includes research at different levels in palm systematics and evolution, including molecular phylogeny, taxonomy, and character evolution. The backbone is the work towards a highly resolved and highly supported phylogeny of the palm family based on plastid DNA characters. A major milestone was the publication of the book, Genera Palmarum: the evolution and classification of Palms in 2008; where a new classification of all palms is presented, mainly but not only based on our plastid DNA characters. New research takes us into DNA barcoding the palms and bridging traditional sequencing of selected DNA regions with whole plastid genome sequencing.


The research projects are taking advantage of the European Network of Palm Scientists (EUNOPS) and much collaboration and exchange happen through this organization. In particular with Dr. William J. Baker, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Dr. Sophie Nadot, Universite Paris-Sud, Dr. Finn Borchsenius, Dr. Anders Barfod and Dr. Henrik Balslev, Aarhus University and outside EUNOPS, Dr. Jerrold I. Davis and Dr. Natalie Uhl, Cornell University, Dr. Andrew Henderson, New York Botanical Garden and Dr. Scott Zona, Florida International University.