Plant Ecology – University of Copenhagen

Plant Ecology

The plant ecology research group pursues research in several areas of ecology, including plant-plant interactions, plant growth and resource allocation, individual variation within plant populations, crop-weed competition, and the application of ecological and evolutionary knowledge to plant production systems. The research covers a broad spectrum from basic plant ecology to strategic studies aimed at developing the ecological tools needed to increase sustainability and reduce herbicide use in agriculture.

We are currently focussing on plant-plant interactions both above- and below-ground. Studies of above-ground interactions address the effects of plants' responses to shading by neighbours and to signals of coming competition for light, while below-ground studies investigate whether plant roots can recognize the roots of closely related individuals.  We are especially interested in the implications of these above- and below-ground mechanisms for crop-crop and crop-weed interactions.

Triticum aestivum (spring wheat) sown with high weed (Brassica napus – yellow flowers) pressure