Plant Ecology – University of Copenhagen

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Jacob Weiner
Ph: +45 35 33 28 22

The Research Group in Plant Ecology pursues research within basic and applied plant ecology. We emphasise the application of ecological knowledge to plant production systems.

Recent research focussed on weed suppression by cereals, principles for the development of optimal crop mixtures, optimization of biomass production in experimental plant communities, belowground interactions among crop plants, the development of "subsidiary crops", the application of evolutionary theory to agriculture, and the development of low maintenance herbaceous vegetation types for urban and suburban green spaces.

Research themes

  • Plant-plant interactions

  • Plant competition

  • Plant growth and resource allocation

  • Individual variation within plant populations

  • Root interactions

  • Kin recognition

  • Functional trait diversity

  • Trait plasticity

  • Sustainable agricultural practices

  • Crop-weed competition

  • Application of ecological and evolutionary knowledge to plant production systems

  • Variety mixtures

  • Intercrops

  • dDsigned plant communities

  • Urban greening

Current research projects

Group members

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