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Thure Pavlo Hauser
Associate Professor
Ph: +45 35 33 28 18

Plants interact with many different organisms in their surroundings and these interactions affect plants’ survival, reproduction and population size.

The Plant Ecology Research Group studies positive and negative plant interactions with other plants, insects, and root-associated microorganisms, using basic ecological and evolutionary science to develop applied solutions in plant production and the management of plant communities.

Research areas in the group include plant defense against herbivores, ecology and productivity of crop mixtures and experimental plant communities, below-ground interactions among crop plants and between plants and associated microorganisms, application of evolutionary theory to agriculture and low-maintenance herbaceous vegetation for urban and suburban green spaces.

Research themes

  • Plant defense against herbivores, including microbe-induced resistance

  • Plant-plant interactions, including crop-weed competition and root interactions

  • Plant growth, resource allocation and life history

  • Functional trait diversity and plasticity, and effects on variety mixtures and intercrops

  • Effects of species mixtures on community productivity and stability of designed plant communities for urban greening

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