Research Group: Applied Insect-Plant Ecology

Our team studies the ecological interactions between insect pests, beneficial arthropods and plants and the evolution of these interactions in managed and natural ecosystems.

This includes effects of climate, crops and plant diversity on herbivores and on their predators, parasitoids and on wild pollinators at scales from individual to landscape.

Our studies provide the basis for the further development of preventive measures and monitoring – forecasting systems for IPM and they embrace the effects of agricultural practices on fauna at population and landscape levels, on biodiversity per se, functional biodiversity, and ecological aspects of invasive species.















  • Stripcrop: Investigating the potential for strip cropping under Danish conditions in order to increase biodiversity



















Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Emily Bick Postdoc +4535334120 E-mail
Lene Sigsgaard Associate Professor +4535332674 E-mail
Nimra Musaqaf PhD Student +4591765968 E-mail
Peter Esbjerg Professor Emeritus +4535332686 E-mail
Stine Kramer Jacobsen Assistant Professor +4535332675 E-mail

Master students

    • Majbritt Rytter
    • Cecilie Bønnelykke

    Contact research group leader

    Lene Sigsgaard
    Associate Professor
    Ph: +45 35 33 26 74