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Bent Larsen Petersen
Associate Professor
Ph: +45 35 33 33 79

The protein O-glycosylation group focuses on O-linked glycosylation of proteins in plants and animal cells and on its translational potential within disease / allergy and production of compatible glycoprotein therapeutics. O-glycosylation in plants is a two-step process where prolines are converted to Hydroxyprolines within distinct amino acid motives by glycosylation defining enzymes (prolyl hydroxylases) and then O-glycosylated by sets of glycosylation defining enzymes (glycosyltransferases).

Our progress on the genetic regulation of glycosylation machineries in plant and mammalian cells may through the use of precise genetic engineering technologies enable production of proteins with compatible or immune stimulatory defined glycans. These defined glycans may for example be used to target specific receptors of the human innate immune system ultimately leading to tolerance or immunity with the prospects of developing allergy or cancer vaccines. More specifically, our recent identification of glycosylation enzymes that glycosylates plant cell wall glycoproteins, the extensin (EXT) and ArabinoGalactan Proteins (AGPs), has opened up for genetically engineered control of glycosylation- defining and -initiating enzymes in plants or microorganisms.

Research themes

  • Gene discovery & characterization of substrate specificity of the plant O-glycosylation enzymes
  • Implementation of `open ended discovery strategies’ for mining of the plant O-glycome
  • Introduction of precise genetic engineering technologies in plants
  • Development of methods for introduction of precise genetic engineered traits with reduced GMO concerns
  • Glycoengineering tobacco for production of therapeutic glycoproteins with compatible glycosylation or with defined immune stimulatory glycans
  • Chemo enzymatic glyco-peptide approach for fast probing in immune cell assays

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