Research Group: Protein O-glycosylation in Plants

The plant protein O-glycosylation group focuses on glycosylation of proteins in plants and animal cells and on its translational potential within disease and allergies.

Our progress on the genetic regulation of O-glycosylation in plant and mammalian cells may enable engineered production of therapeutic proteins without adverse plant glycans (human compatible) or of proteins with immune stimulatory / modulatory glycans with therapeutic potential within allergies or cancers. Our recent identification of enzymes that O-glycosylates plant cell wall glycoproteins, the extensins and ArabinoGalactan Proteins, has opened up for genetically engineered control of plant glycosylation in plants and mammalian cells. The O-glycosylation group has, together with the Starch group, recently established precise genetic engineering technologies in tobacco and potato and now focuses on Gene editing of Danish potato elite cultivars for increased resistance to late blight (Phytoftora infestans) and designer starch qualities.