Stjepan Kresimir Kracun

Stjepan Kresimir Kracun

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My main interest lies in method and assay development, finding new ways to elucidate and investigate different aspects of cellular, physiological and more generally, biological processes. I specialize in bio-organic chemistry and I have always striven to be on the interdisciplinary border of applied synthetic chemistry and different aspects of biology such as immunology, cell biology, biotechnology and many others. I find it fascinating and rewarding when I can synthesize a new synthetic compound that has the ability to reveal or elucidate an important biological process. 
Through the years and through collaboration with some excellent scientists, I have mainly focused on glycobiology and aspects of biology of different organisms that involve carbohydrates. By facing different biological problems, I have learned a lot about how to use synthetic chemistry to contribute to solving and elucidating biological processes. During the course of my career, and with special focus on applied synthetic bioorganic chemistry, I have acquired significant experience in analytical, biochemical, immunological, microarray and automated data-processing techniques. 
I also have significant experience in co-supervision of PhD students and in teaching Bachelor, Master and PhD level courses on chemistry of carbohydrates and their biological roles. Additionally, I have experience in commercial product development and underlying disciplines.

Primary fields of research

  • Bioconjugate chemistry
  • Bioorganic chemistry
  • Microarray technology
  • Assay and method development
  • Glycomics

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