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Marianne Ellegaard
Professor WSR
Ph: +45 35 32 00 24

The research in Marianne Ellegaard´s group builds on >20 years’ experience on diatoms, dinoflagellates and other microalgae, often in multidisciplinary settings in collaboration with geologists, geographers & engineers and encompasses a number of applied and basic questions in biology using unicellular aquatic organisms as model species.

We work on the diversity phytoplankton from ecological and evolutionary angles and as a source of novel resources for industry and society.

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  • Partners and networks

      Network on the use of resurrection studies in climate research:

    • Professor Anna Godhe, University of Gothenburg; resurrection ecology and genomics of diatoms
    • Anke Kremp, Environmental survey of Finland
    • Till Czypionka, University of Leuven (Belgien), zooplankton genomics and adaptation
    • Terence McGenity, University of Essex, Bacterial palaeogenomics
    • Professor Martha Clokie, University of Leichester, viruses
    • Sofia Ribeiro, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
    • Professor John Anderson, University of Loughborough, palaeolimnology