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Head of Section
Renate Müller
Ph: +45 35 33 78 75

The research group addresses food security, climate change and agrobiodiversity to enhance resilience and broaden our food diets, by replacing meat with plant based protein.

We aim at: optimize land management and sustainable production systems with high value tropical crops; enriching current agricultural systems and increasing stress tolerance.

The group carries out various research projects with experimental and practical opportunities in South America, Africa, Asia, Denmark and other parts of the world.

Research themes

  • Optimization of production systems that include high value tropical crops

  • Sustainable land management

  • Physiological responses of tropical, high protein or underutilized species, to abiotic stresses (including drought, heat, cold and salinity)

  • Physiological responses of tropical, high protein or underutilized species to biotic stresses

  • Increase of agro-biodiversity

  • Diversification of cropping systems to adapt to climate change

  • Diversification of food and diets

  • Environmental system analysis of cropping systems that include high value tropical species

  • Socio-economic studies related to the use of high value tropical species

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