Molecular detection of microbes

Virus detection

The project aims to remove Apple mosic virus from the collection of Malus domestica (Apple) kept at the Pometum at Copenhagen University, Taastrup.  The project leader is pometum manager  Lisbet Dahl and contact person relating to virus detection and control: Ole Søgaard Lund. (Pometum manager)


  • To improve early measurement of Potato virus Y (PVY) at field level

Danish producers of seed potatoes have since 2005 experienced increasing difficulties in controlling PVY virus disease. In order to improve decision support this project is testing new technology in measuring PVY infection at field level. The project takes advantage of a leaf sampling system based on FTA (paper cards), RT-PCR and statistical analysis of positive PCR samples by Most-Probable-Number Method.

Project leader: Associate Professor Ole Søgaard Lund

Industrial partner: Danespo A/S

1 master project successfully completed (Cand. Agro. Jakob Ulstrup)

1 master project available

The project is funded by the Danish Potato Foundation.

Microbial profiling of crop plants


  • To identify harmful and beneficial microorganisms interacting with tropical crops

Using new technology of pyrosequencing we are investigating the influence of the plant micro flora on plant production using the tropical cereal crop, Sorghum, as a model plant. Sorghum is important for food security in dry areas of Africa and the plant is subject to complex interactions with both plant pathogens and beneficial microorganisms.

Project Leader: Associate Professor Ole Søgaard Lund

Project partners:

Dr. Elisabeth Zida, INERA Research Institute, Burkina Faso

Michaela Schiller

Ellen Noly

The project is funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs