The Intelligent Sprayer Boom

The vision of the project is to develop a sprayer boom that considerably decreases the amount of herbicides used in farming. "The Intelligent Sprayer Boom" will be a new generation of spray booms for the farming industry that will be able to detect where the weeds are and spray in one and the same procedure.

Experiments have shown that the use of herbicides in farming can be reduced with a factor 10 by only spraying where the weeds are. This will eliminate the essential problems we have today with the pollution of the herbicides to the environment, including leaching to the ground water.

"The Intelligent Sprayer Boom" will basically consist of a spray boom with integrated cameras, a vision system and an image processing module. The overall success criterion is to develop and test a new type of spray boom that should be marketed with a capacity that can be compared to todays spray technology. Emphasis will be placed on making the developed system robust and functional as well as documenting the effect of position specific control of weeds in the crops.

The Intelligent Spray Boom

Illustration of the principle of The Intelligent Spray Boom (Graphics René Lynge)