Bio-pesticides (discovery and development)


The project aims to identify natural sources of antifungal compounds for use in plant protection.


  • To identify bio-pesticides derived from plants
  • To test new bio-pesticides in crop protection

Particularly, the project is testing the effects of using inexpensive plant extracts for use in seed treatment in order to replace synthetic fungicides. In Burkina Faso, a local plant, Eclipta alba, containing antifungal compounds are being tested in seed treatment by 25 farmers of sorghum (African cereal) during two growing seasons. An average yield increase of 17% was demonstrated during 2010-2011. Similar experiments testing other plant extracts in crop protection are in progress in Denmark, Burkina Faso, India  and Tanzania.

The project 'EU-Alba - Increasing yields of Millet and Sorghum by a new and sustainable seed technology developed in Sahel' is funded by EuropAID.