Crop Stress Physiology – University of Copenhagen

Crop Stress Physiology

The research of the group concerns with the regulation of growth and functioning of crop plants subjected to environmental perturbations particularly drought stress. We have given much attention to the relative importance of hydraulic and chemical influences on the crop vegetative and reproductive physiology under water deficit conditions. This comprises the whole suite of research from crop-water production experiments under both controlled and field conditions to physiological and biochemical characterization of crop plants’ reaction to drought stress.

Further, the effects of irrigation regimes on soil processes, i.e. carbon and nitrogen turnover, carbon sequestration, plant N availability, are also considered in order to optimize irrigation-fertilization practices to improve both water and nutrient use efficiencies for water-limited low-input farming systems.
Our research goal is, by understanding the mechanisms of crop adaptation to abiotic stresses, to development novel management strategies to enhance crop yield and quality as well as resources (water and nutrients) use efficiency in future climate scenarios.