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Climate and Food Security

The group researches improved process and system level understanding of crop biosystems and food systems including food and energy production, global food production, climate and agronomy.

The group has been heavily involved in development of the IPCC 5th Assessment for the chapter on Food Production Systems and Food Security. The group has recently completed a ground-breaking analysis of the food systems of three capital cities. In addition the group works on the interactions between genotype, environment and management using Bayesian and other analyses and has invented new identity methods to deconstruct greenhouse gas emissions, nutrient and other use efficiencies as a contribution to the development of phenotyping of crop processes and functions as well as structure. The group works with novel systems of combined food and energy development and has developed novel hypotheses to link ecosystem function to the provision of ecosystem services.

Teaching wise, the group has been at the forefront of the development of e-learning courses and courses in which students develop climate solutions for private companies.