22 May 2019

SPPS innovation prize for Barbara Ann Halkier


Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society (SPPS) has awarded Head of DynaMo Prof Barbara Ann Halkier the SPPS Plant Innovation Prize 2019.

The Prize was awarded for the successfull development of a new oilseed crop that is much more resistant to heat, drought and diseases than oilseed rape. The breakthrough was featured as cover story of Nature Biotechnology in 2017, the most prestigious journal for biotechnology research. The research was carried out by Professor Barbara Ann Halkier and her team at University of Copenhagen in collaboration with the global agro-business player Bayer Crop Science. Link to cover story

Barbara Ann Halkier receives the innovation prize at the SPPS2019 conference in August, Umeå, Sweden.

SPPS Plant Innovation Prize

The SPPS Plant Innovation prize is a monetary award to a scientist based in a Nordic country. The prize is given to a person that has demonstrated how academic plant science could benefit society, through translation into innovations, to new procedures or new policies.