13 November 2015

Professor Dr. John R. Porter is now a Knight


Professor Dr. John R. Porter has been made Knight of the French order of Agriculture Merit, which is bestowed by the French Republic for outstanding contributions to agriculture.

The Order of Agricultural Merit honours people who have given exceptional contributions to agriculture whether in public research duties or in the practice of agriculture. Louis Pasteur was one of its first members. It also rewards people who distinguished themselves in scientific research. When instigated the Order of Agricultural Merit was considered the second most important award from the French state, after the Legion d’Honneur.

“My mother’s family originated from France and Germany and were immigrants into Liverpool in the 1880s – so this award is a very nice full circle and was very unexpected. I am absolutely delighted to receive it for myself and my family but also as thanks for the support I have received from the former KVL and now Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences,” says John R. Porter.

Before a person can be awarded the order the following requirements must be fulfilled for a Knight; at least thirty years of age with fifteen years of service/work. Other categories have other requirements. There are two annual ceremonies, one in January and one in July. Professor John R. Porter will receive the order and an award certificate in 2016 at a ceremony at the French Embassy in Copenhagen.

The order was established in July 1883 by the then Minister of Agriculture Jules Méline. Back then there was only a single grade of the order, “Knights”, but already in 1887 the grade of “Officer” was created. In 1990 the third grade “Commander” was added.