10 November 2015

MSc in Environmental Sciences consolidates environmental studies under one name


Students interested in studying the impact of human activity on health and the environment will only need to apply to the MSc in Environmental Sciences programme as a result of the consolidation of environmental studies programmes by UCPH’s Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

“Our consolidation of the graduate level environmental programmes at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences into the MSc in Environmental Sciences makes it easier for students to find their way to the right programme, while ensuring that they get a stronger academic branding on their CV. The new programme allows students to select from a range of specialities, so we will continue to offer all previously available programme content,” explains Professor Nina Cedergreen, the programme’s head of studies.

The ‘Environmental Chemistry and Health’ MSc programme and ‘Environmental Science – Soil, Water and Biodiversity’ speciality, that used to be under Agronomy, will now be grouped under a common heading and shared curriculum from September 2016.

“The consolidation will provide students with an expanded community and study environment, factors that could spark synergies as collaboration becomes more natural and student work emerges across specialisations,” according to Bjarne W. Strobel, coordinator of the Environmental Science-Soil, Water and Biodiversity speciality.

Environmental Sciences MSc students will be able to specialise in ‘Chemistry, Toxicology and Health’ or ‘Soil, Water and Biodiversity’. The programme’s core objective is for students to understand environmental and health processes and consequences as related to human activity, with the intention that they are thereby capable of devising solutions to mitigate potential damage.

Graduates will be equipped to conduct research, develop solutions and improve systems to ensure soil and water quality, as well as biodiversity, in environments that are affected by human activity, such as in instances of chemical pollution.

Some coursework will be conducted at the Department of Health Sciences. And for Soil, Water and Biodiversity students, there will be one year of study outside Denmark.

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