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Bachelor projects

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A Synthetic Biology approach for the production of high-value compounds
Supervisor: Associate Professor Sotirios Kampranis

Can ladybird find their food by smelling?
Supervisor: Lene Sigsgaard, Marco Tasin and Xueqing He

Do pesticides end up in the honey?
Supervisor: Christian Andreasen

Elucidating the activity of the three endogenous CRISPR-Cas systems in Synechocystis PCC. 6803
Supervisor: Prof. Poul Erik Jensen and PhD student Lawrence Chuk Sutardja

Environmental fate of natural toxins
Supervisor: Daniel Garcia Jørgensen, Efstathios Diamantopoulos, Hans Christian B. Hansen

Exploring beneficial plant-microbe interactions: master and bachelor projects at KU and Chr-Hansen
Supervisor: Meike Burow (KU) and Lorenzo Fimognari (Chr. Hansen)

Genome-engineering of microProtein genes using CRISPR/Cas9
Supervisor: Stephan Wenkel

Glycaptamers - DNA-based probing of plant cell walls
Supervisor: Jozef Mravec

Identification of exporter of plant ‘fingerprints’
Supervisor: Main supervisor: Barbara Halkier, Co-supervisor: Deyang Xu,

Instant architect of the wall: is plant body shaped by an elusive cell wall-located auxin-mediated pathway?
Supervisor: Jozef Mravec, PLEN, Section for Plant Glycobiology, KU

Invasive Species
Supervisor: Conny Bruun Asmussen Lange; Jørgen Eilenberg

Is it possible to reduce pesticide dose by using sticking adjuvant?
Supervisor: Christian Andreasen

Metabolite sensing – how do plants monitor their metabolism?
Supervisor: Meike Burow

Pathway and transport engineering for high production of broccoli bioactives in microorganisms
Supervisor: Main supervisor: Barbara Halkier, Co-supervisor: Cuiwei Wang,

Pest problems in quinoa –which pests do quinoa have in Europe and what can we expect in the future?
Supervisor: Lene Sigsgaard; Sven-Erik jacobsen

Phytohormone transport in plants
Supervisor: Hussam Hassan Nour-Eldin

The Hidden Role of Non-coding Transcription Initiation
Supervisor: Quentin Thomas - Sebastian Marquardt

Transcription factors - what regulates the regulators?
Supervisor: Meike Burow

Understanding the transport mechanism of the NPF family
Supervisor: Hussam Hassan Nour-Eldin