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Other Education projects

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A Synthetic Biology approach for the production of high-value compounds
Supervisor: Associate Professor Sotirios Kampranis

Biosensors for Synthetic Biology applications
Supervisor: Karel Miettinen and Sotirios Kampranis

Biotechnological production of anti-obesity agents
Supervisor: Karel Miettinen, Sotirios Kampranis and Søren Bak

Development of micro-factories in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Supervisor: Simon Dusséaux and Sotirios Kampranis

Elucidating the activity of the three endogenous CRISPR-Cas systems in Synechocystis PCC. 6803
Supervisor: Prof. Poul Erik Jensen and PhD student Lawrence Chuk Sutardja

Exploring the terpene diversity by combinatorial biosynthesis for discovery of novel bioactive compounds
Supervisor: Codruta Ignea and Sotiros Kampranis

Identification of exporter of plant ‘fingerprints’
Supervisor: Main supervisor: Barbara Halkier, Co-supervisor: Deyang Xu, dyxu@plen.ku.dk

Microalgal fermentation for novel food ingredients
Supervisor: Poul Erik Jensen and David Russo

Pathway and transport engineering for high production of broccoli bioactives in microorganisms
Supervisor: Main supervisor: Barbara Halkier, Co-supervisor: Cuiwei Wang, c.wang@plen.ku.dk

Transcription factors - what regulates the regulators?
Supervisor: Meike Burow