The Virtual Flora

The Virtual Flora is an interactive encyclopedia on plant morphology, nomenclature, ecology and application. It is based on a searchable database of digital high-quality photos and drawings of over 1000 Danish and foreign plant species grouped into genera and families. In addition, the flora contains a functionality for self-testing in determination of selected plant species, genera and families on the basis of photographs and drawings.

The virtual flora has been developed for use as a teaching tool for plant identification, systematics and plant ecology at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. The flora is used in connection to field trips, for practical exercises, as well as preparation for exams.

The flora is available for all via the Internet. The flora is particularly suitable for teaching at universities, secondary schools and other educational institutions. , and for anyone with general interest in plant knowledge and systematics.

This version of the virtual flora include developed with text and pictures from teaching the book "Systematic Botany" (Jacobsen and Jensen 2005). The flora was generated with financial support from the Augustinus Foundation and the Faculty of SCIENCE.

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