PhD Course: Biotrophic and Hemibiotrophic plant pathogens and their host plant interactions

Plant pathogen

Aim and content

This course aims to give participants an advanced understanding of the nature of interactions between plants with fungi exhibiting different lifestyles, focusing on biotrophic (such as powdery mildew and rust fungi) and hemibiotrophic interactions.

The course will focus on the biology of the interactions with the plant and other microorganisms. Another emphasis is the availability and use of different means of disease management based on disease resistance, epidemiology and biological control.

The course is five day full time at a conference centre near Copenhagen preceded by preparation through a journal club once a week for two months using Zoom. Three internationally renowned researchers will participate in the course holding lectures and workshops with the participating students who will come primarily from two Danish and three other Nordic Universities.
We also expect participation from the three Baltic countries (i.e. the BOVA network)

This course is running within the NOVA PhD programme and is 36th in the internationally acclaimed series of Nordic PhD courses in Plant Pathology.

The other Nordic partners/Contacts are:
• Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), (Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, Prof Magnus Karlsson and Prof Emeritus Dan Funck Jensen)
• Norwegian University of Biological Sciences (NMBU), Prof May Bente Brurberg
• University of Helsinki, (Docent Minna Pirhonen, Prof. Fred Asiegbu)


The internationally renowned guest teachers are:

Professor Dave Berger, FABI and Dept of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Professor Armin Djamei, Dept. of Plant Pathology, University of Bonn
Professor Mogens Støvring Hovmøller, Dept of Agroecology, Aahus University at Flakkebjerg


Professor Hans Thordal-Christensen
Professor Dan Funck Jensen
Professor Mogens Hovmøller


Residential 16th April to 21st April 2023, Kobæk Strand Hotel & Conference, Kobæk Strand, 4230 Skælskør. It takes approx. 2½ hrs to get to the venue from Copenhagen airport by public transport

Full payment for the cost of accommodation will be taken at the time of arrival at Kobæk Strand Hotel & Conference. The participant is obliged to pay Kobæk Strand Hotel & Conference the agreed price of approx. 6.700,-  for the full course.


Professor David B Collinge or Section Secretary Lisbeth Axelsen