NNF Symposium: Crop improvement in the gene-editing era

Crops in sunlight

The future of humanity rests on the development of crops with increased productivity and resilience that can sustain food production for an increasing world population in the face of climate change. Compared to traditional methods for crop improvement, gene editing promises to accelerate the integration of important agronomic traits into new and existing crops.

Meet world-leading experts

The present NNF symposium will gather world-leading experts in crop improvement and gene editing with the goal of catalyzing the advent of a new, biotechnology-based green revolution. The symposium will cover state-of-the-art methods to uncover the genetic basis of selected agronomic traits as well as the latest technologies for efficient gene delivery and editing. Special focus will be given to the desirable traits from semi-domesticated resilient crops as well as perennial ones.

Session I: Exploiting natural variation for crop improvement

Nils Stein (DE) / Kenneth Olsen (US) / Sanu Arora (UK) / Stefan Jansson (SE)

Session II: Lessons from resilient and perennial crops 

Sergey Shabala (AU) / Anna Westerbergh (DE)

Session III: Advances in gene delivery and editing

Caixia Gao (CN) / Dan Voytas (US) / Magdalena Klimek-Chodacka (PO)

About the symposium

Fees and seats: The event is free of charge thanks to generous support from the NNF foundation. However, the number of physical seats is limited to 110. In case of overbooking, priority will be given to young researchers. Interactive online streaming will be available for registered participants (unlimited capacity). 

Poster session and presentation by young researchers: PhD students and postdocs are strongly encouraged to present a poster. Abstracts must be uploaded during registration. Participants submitting an abstract can indicate whether they wish to be considered for oral presentation within one of the symposium sessions. Selected abstracts will be chosen for 15-minute oral presentations. Priority for oral presentations will be given to young researchers.

Practical information

TRAVEL GRANTS: Several travel grants of 5,000 DKK (app. 670 EUR) are available for young researchers that submit an abstract and a motivation paragraph by July 13, 2022.

See full programme.

Deadline for submit an abstract for travel grants: July 13, 2022

Deadline for registration: August 8, 2022

Organizer: Rosa López-Marqués and Fernando Geu-Flores

Inquiries: If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Xu Zhai zhai@plen.ku.dk

Registration: https://eventsignup.ku.dk/cropimprovement