Professor Fulai Liu's Inaugural lecture and reception

Exploiting the physiological mechanisms for stress resilience and sustainable crop production

Professor Fulai Liu became professor in Crop Stress Physiology in May 2020. He is group leader of Crop Stress Physiology and has previously been Head of the Educational Programme in Water and Environment at the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research. His research aims to improve crop yield, quality, and resource use efficiency in field and in greenhouse production systems by exploiting plant adaptation mechanisms to environmental perturbations in the face of climate change.

He has contributed significantly in exploring the role of abscisic acid in crop drought adaptation and its exploitation in developing mechanistic stomatal conductance model and novel partial root-zone drying irrigation strategy for water saving on different crops. Recently, his group elucidated the role of stress priming and cross-stress tolerance in plants and reported a transgenerational effect of elevated CO2 concentration on drought adaptation and grain quality in wheat. By taking the advantages of modern genotyping and advanced phenotyping technologies, the research group will underpin the genotypic diversity of physiological mechanisms of crop plants response to multiple abiotic stresses and develop novel management strategies to enhance crop resilience to climate changes scenarios

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Deadline: Friday 18 September

After the lecture, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences will host a reception in Konsistoriesalen next to Festauditoriet.

All are welcome!