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Plant Biology Europe 2018

Plant Biology Europe is the biggest conference of its kind in Europe. With a multidisciplinary approach to plant science in a global context, the conference aims to collect speakers and presentations that cover wide ranging scientific and policy related themes within plant science, thereby showcasing state-of-the-art scientific developments and contributions to policy shaping towards plants science at the European and national levels.

PBE is a biennial event, taking place next time in June of 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. PBE is jointly organized by FESBP and EPSO, as a result of a merger between the previous individual EPSO and FESPB conferences.

In 2018 PBE is hosted and organised by University of Copenhagen. PBE2018 will focus on the following themes:

  • Phenotyping on different scales
  • Photosynthetic diversity
  • New breeding technologies/Genome based breeding
  • Seeds for the future
  • Niche crops
  • Plant Microbiome/Biotic Interactions
  • Natural Products
  • Environmental Resilience Genome evolution

Learn more about the scientific programme, social events, and the venue in Copenhagen