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PhD defence by Nina Kirkegaard

Title: Weaver Ants to Control Fruit Fly Damage to Tanzanian Mangoes

Fruit flies are reported to infest 40 pct. of African mangoes, causing significant economic losses. Weaver ants inhabiting mango trees in SE Asia and parts of Africa have been shown to have a significant deterrent effect on fruit flies, reducing harvest losses. This study investigated whether small-scale mango farmers in Tanzania have noted any deterrent effects and/or economic benefits from their indigenous weaver ants, and whether they would see value in developing the technique further.

Prof. Brian Grout (Emeritus 2015)
Henrik Vlk Lütken, Dept. og Plant & Environmental Sciences, UCPH

Assessment committee
Marten Sørensen, Dept. of Plant & Environmental Sciences, UCPH, Marc De Meyer, Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium and Belinda Luke, CABI, UK

Reception after defence in M117