Research & Innovation Café #1: Insects for Food and Feed

We would like to welcome you to the very first Research and Innovation Café - a series of events where researchers present exciting research for students.
The theme of our very first Research and Innovation Café is Insects for Food & Feed.


  • Welcome and introduction to Insects, Diversity and Use
    by professor Jørgen Eilenberg, Department of Plant 
    and Environmental Sciences
  • New research project in Africa - GreenInsect programme
  • Insects in Kenyan and Ugandan cuisine – a short report from Nordic Food Lab’s culinary field studies
    by Ben Reade, Head of Culinary Research and Development at Nordic Food Lab       
  • Delicious bee larva soup - MSc student Jonas Astrup Pedersen, Nordic Food Lab/ Department of Food Science
  • Finding deliciousness in insects – the scope of the project
    by Michael Bom Frøst, Director Nordic Food Lab  and associate Professor in Sensory Science, Dept. of Food Science 
  • Winner of 'Insects for Food and Feed' competition
  • Summary and presentation of potential student projects

Student project suggestions: