User payment for field trials and services

This user payment covers the following.

  • Technical assistance and services for field trials and teaching activities provided by Plant Facilities and Workshop staff members (PFW staff)
  • Facilities and implements used for field trials and teaching activities
  • Grazing areas


This user payment and the following outline is only applicable to employees and students at University of Copenhagen. 

Other Danish or international customers from universities, research institutions or companies can use the facilities and technical assistance as well. These are welcome to contact us for further information and quotation of the enquiry.

Basic services

The appropriation from Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences covers basic management of the field trial areas: 

  • Preparation of the field as standard soil treatment
  • Care of the trial area as control of weeds, pests and diseases, fertilisation etc. that is not specific for the trial and can be carried out at the same time in the surrounding field.
  • Post treatment care of the trial area, e.g. combine harvesting, soil treatment etc. as performed in the surrounding field.
  • Standard materials as seed, pesticides, fertilisers etc.

Note that students have certain advantages concerning user payment see last paragraph on this page.

Customer paid services

Customers will be charged for trial specific services and materials (link to the price list):

  • Planning and other meetings involving PFW staff
  • Survey of trials and plots in the field
  • Sowing of trial area including weighing of seeds for plots, preparation and adjustment of sowing machinery, sowing of the trial, the border plots and the field around the trial
  • Protection against birds and hares e.g. by covering trials with net
  • Setting up experimental equipment e.g. tubes in soil, traps and data loggers.
  • Trial specific measurements e.g. soil water content, photosynthesis, plant growth, diseases and weeds
  • Trial specific treatments e.g. fertilisers, pesticides, weed control, mowing, soil preparation when these differ from the treatments applied to the surrounding field. This includes preparation of machinery for the operations.
  • Irrigation i.e. services related to the operation of the irrigation equipment.
  • Sampling plants or soil
  • Plot harvest i.e. by hand or by plot combine harvester
  • Treatment of plant or soil samples e.g. washing out roots from soil, drying, cleaning, threshing, grinding, dry matter analysis, TGW etc.
  • Tidying up and cleaning after the trial and treatments
  • Data management

Customers can participate in several of the above mentioned tasks but only as agreed with PFW staff. Use of tractor mounted implements, use of experimental equipment and treatment with pesticides is not allowed for others than PFW staff.


Standard materials are covered by the basic appropriation from Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. 

Non-standard materials and extraordinary large amounts of materials for experiments (e.g. bags) are paid for by the customer.

Lend of equipment 

University of Copenhagen staff and students can use equipment e.g. threshing or grinding machinery. The customer will be charged for the number of hours of usage.

Rent for field area 

If the trial area is more than 2000 square meters and the crop cannot be disposed the customer will be charged for rent of the whole area. The rate corresponds to the standard contribution margin for barley. 

Areas used for grazing will be charged yearly. The rate corresponds to the standard contribution margin for barley and covers in addition:

  • Sowing of the grass as an under sown crop in the cereals the preceding year
  • Fertilisation twice in spring

The rent will be adjusted according to the duration of the grazing if it leaves possibility for harvesting the grass before or after the grazing period.

Remaining tasks related to establishment and care of the pens can be performed by PFW staff as paid services.

Fence and fence posts should be established and removed by the customer.

Specifically for students

Master students can perform field trials as part of the master thesis. 

All practical tasks should be carried out by the student apart from use of tractor mounted implements, experimental equipment and pesticides. Student can assist PFW staff in these operations. 

Students have free access to:

  • Planning and other meetings involving PFW staff
  • Instructions and guidance from PFW staff.

All other services will be charged. The student should therefore calculate the costs of the planned trial and make appointment with the scientific advisor and with PFW before the trial is initiated.

Price list 2020