CANCELLED: Staffan Persson's Inaugural Lecture

Professor Staffan Persson
Professor Staffan Persson


Professor Staffan Persson became professor in Cellulose Synthesis in July, 2020 and was recruited from University Melbourne as a Villum Investigator and NNF Laureate. Staffan is the new head of the Copenhagen Plant Science Center (CPSC) and a coordinator of the Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB).​

Our perception of what plants look like is largely driven by their morphologies. Plant morphology is controlled by cell wall structures, mainly composed of polysaccharides, that are produced around all plant cells. Cellulose is the load-bearing structure in plant cell walls and the direction of cellulose in the walls thus determines how cells can expand. Cellulose is produced at the cell surface by large cellulose synthase enzyme complexes. My group is interested in establishing how this protein complex function and what other components contribute to its activity.

Our long-term goal is to elucidate how plants produce and control cellulose synthesis. Given the importance of cellulose for plant growth, as well as a range of fiber industries, this goal may be of direct relevance to society.

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