Kristian Fog Nielsens Tiltrædelsesforelæsning

Kristian Fog Nielsen
PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Chr. Hansen A/S Member of Jan H Christensens group in analytical chemistry and signal processing, as part of the section for Environmental Chemistry and Physics .

Microbial secondary metabolism from a chromatographic and mass spectrometric perspective

Many, if not most fungi, microalgae and bacteria can produce an array of secondary metabolites (SM), which they need to produce under some often unknown, environmental conditions, and it is a fact that for most SMs, the mode of action is not known. But given their very complex biosynthetic origin, they must important, what is  further substantiated by chemotaxonomic studies, that mostly reveals a consistent production of the same SM profile amongst strains sampled across different environments.

This talk will focus on how to use chromatography and mass spectrometry (MS)  to combat the analytical challenges faced, when trying identify both the known, but especially the novel secondary metabolites from a strain. And further try to reveal the biosynthetic origin using stable isotopically labeled precursors, and if possible subsequently link the main compounds and precursors to the producing gene-clusters. Finally the importance of MS-ionization, MS-instrument types, and interplay between MS-instrument types, and sample preparation for detection in real environmental samples will be discussed.  The importance of including many strains, grown at different conditions will further be debated.

Pga COVID-19 beder vi dig om at tilmelde dig arrangementet: Tilmelding senest mandag d. 12/4-2021